Prodim partner of University Racing team Eindhoven (URE)

Prodim is a partner of the University Racing Team Eindhoven

University Racing Team Eindhoven (URE) competes in the «Formula Student» competition every year. For the 2016 competition URE has approached Prodim to assist them in improving the production process. Prodim offered them the Proliner IS, which is very suitable for quality control and making accurate measurements within the automotive industry.

Formula student competition

The concept of this competition is to develop a small Formula-1 style racing car where design, construction and testing are key. Formula Student was introduced in 1978 in the United States and has since grown into an international event in which 600 teams participate every year.

Improving the production of the race car

The URE wants to build a better race car for the competition year 2016, to achieve this they are going to deploy the Proliner IS into their production process. The URE is going to use the IS Proliner for finding points on a free form (3D), in this case, the chassis made of carbon. In addition, the URE wants to validate what the difference is between the drawn monocoque and the actual product. With the Proliner IS Survey this can be done quick and precise.In February 2016 the URE will begin deploying the Proliner IS and the Survey software in their production process. Once more information is available, you will be able to read about it on the Prodim website.

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08-03-2016  3D printed steering wheel for racing car URE