Proliner del usuario PRODIM Boristone

Corian surface processing specialist Boristone upgrades to digital templating

Boristone established in Elishama (Israel), specializes in advanced surface processing for a variety of uses in both industrial and private sectors. The company’s range of design solutions targets customers who demand top professional standards and highly personalized solutions.

In recent years the company has concentrated its activity in the field of Corian surface processing, combining its rich surface processing experience with technological innovation. In addition to personalized design solutions, the company also offers a line of Corian based products that allow customers to enjoy unique Corian design, featured in combination with standard surfaces like countertops, customised furniture, table tops and the like.

Lately Boristone decided to further improve their production process and to upgrade to digital templating. In the purchase process they compared many alternatives for digital templating and finally decided to go for a Proliner 8CS with the Proliner CT Stone package.
Mr. Bek Art from Boristone explains:

«Compared to the alternatives the Proliner is faster, more accurate and there is no need for the placement of targets or a fixed set-up. The portability of the Proliner for measuring on site is also a big advantage.» 

Amongst a lot more useful features, the embedded Proliner CT software (part of the CT Stone package) enables Boristone to adapt the measured digital templates and prepare them as production files for export to their new CNC machine.

This week Boristone finished their Proliner training and they are now ready and set to go for digital templating!


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