Proliner del usuario PRODIM Glass Expert

Glass Expert changes from traditional to digital templating with the Proliner

Glass Expert SRL is a leading company in Romania in the selling, processing and finishing of sheet glass. Almost every glass product they create is custom made, this varies from large construction projects to a consumer who wants a glass worktop. Glass Expert’s portfolio is extensive, they produce glass doors, floors, stairs, balustrades, canopies, furniture, office partitioning systems, shop windows, colored glass for wall cladding and all kinds of special glass.

Templating at Glass Expert is done using traditional methods. After seeing the Proliner in action Glass Expert decided to go digital and invest in a Proliner. Mr. Catalin Horomnea from Glass Expert explains:

«The first time we saw a Proliner in action was at a glass fair and after more research we were convinced of the Proliner’s capabilities. Digital templating with a Proliner will go much faster than the traditional hand methods we use right now and reduces the chance of making human errors. Therefore the Proliner will help reduce our lead time and number of waste products.»


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