Proliner del usuario PRODIM Rhigo

Yacht window manufacturer Rhigo invests in digital measuring on-site

Rhigo is a Dutch company based in Bergen op Zoom. They manufacture all kinds of windows for yachts and ships. Recently they invested in a Proliner enabling them to create digital templates on-site. Mr. H. van Deursen and R. Harteveld explain:

«Rhigo was one of the first companies in the industry that started to work with digital templates for production. Many years ago we invested in a digitizing table to create digital templates from the physical molds of ship windows we created on-site. The investment in the Proliner will provide numerous efficiency advantages for us. Physical templates and digitizing them at the factory is no longer required, since we can create and finalize digital templates of ship windows with the Proliner on-site. Measurements will be more accurate and the overall project lead time will be shortened significantly!»


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