Proliner del usuario PRODIM C&A Stone installers

Proliners help C&A Stone Installers business grow

C&A Stone Installers from Dartford (UK) recently invested in a third Proliner including training for new employees. The company provides a full service for kitchen countertops, from templating to installment. Neville Dixon explains:

«We work with the Proliner for 4 years now and it has helped us in numerous ways. We used to make physical templates from cordex and made the switch to digital templating using the Proliner. We can now say from experience that the Proliner is the right tool for the job. Measuring with the Proliner is accurate and much faster. We have less costs, because the Proliner helps prevent mistakes, we no longer require cordex and one templater can now create 3-4 templates per day instead of only 2.

Another advantage is the fact that Proliner measurements are backing us up in case a countertop doesn’t fit, because something changed on-site. In that case we measure the same project situation again and use an overlay to place both measurements on top of each other. If deviations are present, we can point them out.»

Neville Dixon concludes: «The Proliner has definitely contributed to the growth of the company. With the third Proliner, we now have 3 dedicated templater vans in the field and can further increase the number of templates produced per week.»


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