Proliner del usuario PRODIM MasterCovers

The actual marking of measurement points convinced MasterCovers

MasterCovers is a family run business and one of UK’s premier marine trimmers of the South Coast. They manufacture a full range of boat covers and marine upholstery for all types of vessels. To increase their productivity MasterCovers invested in a Proliner Canvas package. Steve and Mitch Pryke explain:

«By changing from measuring by hand to digital templating we will get more done quicker. We knew of the Proliner’s good use in the industry via our material suppliers and other marine trimmers and decided to look into it ourselves. The fact that you can measure a shape or seam by physical touching, is what makes the Proliner work so well. We are convinced that the Proliner is the right tool for MasterCovers to create digital templates and achieve our goals».


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