Proliner del usuario PRODIM Mega Marble & Mega Glass

Mega Marble is going to use their Proliner knowledge for Mega Glass

Mega Marble is a natural stone and quartz fabricator, involved in projects both in the UK and further afield. The company covers large commercial projects as well as residential installations. Since 2012, Mega Marble and Mega Glass have merged; close cooperation between the two offers architects and specifiers, developers and kitchen installers the flexibility to integrate both stone and glass requirements under one roof. Julio and Laura explain:

«We already use the Proliner to create digital templates for all our stone products, like countertops, stairs, coverings and cladding. The many years of working with the Proliner have taught us that it is very easy to use, especially for complex pieces. The digital templates we create are extremely accurate. Overall the Proliner has contributed to an increase of our production and helped saving time in the process.

Looking towards the future we want to make use of the Proliner’s capabilities to achieve the same for Mega Glass. That’s why we followed a training at Prodim to learn all there is to know about digital templating glass. This way we can make full use of the Proliner’s flexibility.»


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