Seabrook Digital uses the Proliner for creating digital templates of greatly diverse projects


Seabrook Digital (UK) is a highly experienced digital templator and designer of backsplashes, countertops, walls, floors and many more. The company uses the Proliner for creating digital templates for over 10 years now. Mark, the director of Seabrook Digital:

«Before investing in the Proliner, we made use of physical templates made of hardboard, MDF, vinyl or cortex, which is a very time-consuming process and causes quite a lot of dust. Therefore I was really excited to invest in a Proliner, since I have already worked with the device at my previous employment, and knew about the benefits.

With the digital templates created by the Proliner, our end result is a template story, ready for production. We call it the Design Overlay, which shows the carcasses and walls, and relative dimensions that reveal the relationship of what is already there to what will be fitted. Looking at this, it’s like standing in the kitchen yourself, and seeing exactly where and how everything is positioned.»

«The main benefit of the Proliner is its accuracy, which I never have to worry about. Within the years of working with the Proliner, I’ve never had a miss-measure when using the machine correctly.

Because of its accuracy and flexibility, the Proliner also enables us to work on various complex projects and expand our services. It is brilliant for backsplashes; all little cut-outs and complex shapes can be measured really simply. Furthermore, we measure bathroom walls, swimming pools and even fences.

A couple of months ago I used the Proliner to measure the edge of the small side panel on my van so I could set out the yellow border. I sent the digital template to the sign guy and he was impressed how well it fitted to the shape inset and asked me if I could measure some shaped van panels for him at some point.

Overall I am really satisfied with the Proliner, it is the best measuring tool on today’s market!”

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