Timmer en Trappenbedrijf van Kooten: “With the Proliner we work even more professionally!”

Timmer en Trappenbedrijf van Kooten, from Almere, in the Netherlands, was founded in 2004 by Rob and his son Martijn van Kooten. It has grown into a real family business, where brother Erik also started working in 2009. Nowadays, they are specialized in stairs in any desired shape and they supply semi-finished products such as windows, doors, or moldings. In addition, they now also supply complete products such as frames including windows and doors. These are fitted with insulating glass, including hinges and locks, and hung on site. Martijn tells more about their recent experiences with the Proliner Furniture, Doors & Windows package:

“We couldn’t find a comparable piece of equipment such as the Proliner. We didn’t come across anything else that was good for our company like the Proliner. With it, we have no more writing mistakes during the measurements, it is readable and we have digital files of our projects that can be sent to production immediately.

When we used to measure by hand, if we forgot a measurement, we had to go back to the customer and get the measurements again. Sometimes it was more than a 1-hour drive to the customer, for instance. It took so much time, it was not efficient at all. With the Proliner we work even more professionally!

Moreover, everything is going digital and we also wanted to be ahead and to work digitally!”


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