Ligne Pierre: «The Proliner is the best choice for our company!»

Ligne Pierre is a stonemasonry Belgian company, located in Leuven and specializes in custom interior design.

Ligne Pierre works with a range of exclusive materials, suitable for all customers’ tastes and styles of houses – not only noble natural stones such as rich marble and durable granite but also versatile composite and extremely strong ceramic.

They aim to deliver the best high-quality materials and products perfectly finished in different areas of a home: kitchen, bathroom, stairs, and window sills, turning each customer’s home dream into reality!

They got to know the Proliner 18 years ago at one of the exhibitions we attended and they immediately fell in love with it!

They counted on 2 Proliners and just invested in their 3rd one!  Frans, who works at Ligne Pierre explains to us why:

«When we decided to expand the company we looked at many solutions that would help us achieve that. We even received demos but we immediately realized it was not what we were looking for in our business. Until we finally came across the Proliner at a fair! It was love at first sight!»

He added: «We bought our first Proliner 18 years ago, the second one 5 years ago, and now the 3rd one to improve even more the productivity of our activities and measure more and more projects! We are very pleased!»


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