Jansen Deurenmontage: «Among our suppliers, the Proliner is the most well-known digital measuring solution.»

Jansen Deurenmontage B.V. is one of the largest door installation companies in the Netherlands. After more than 40 years, they rightfully call themselves specialists in hanging and installing doors. They install more than 25,000 doors per year, namely in non-residential projects, exclusive residential construction, and renovation projects. Employees assemble the doors on-site, both traditionally and with the CNC method. This offers flexibility to the customers to choose between traditional and CNC pre-machined doors.

Jansen Deurenmontage B.V. keeps pace with the latest developments in the field, so they are always aware of new materials and techniques. Having heard so much about the Proliner, it seemed only natural that they would invest in the Proliner Furniture – Door & Window Package.

Jordi van Elk was pleased to share his thoughts about their new Proliner: “Choosing the Proliner was the obvious choice. Among our suppliers, the Proliner is the most well-known digital measuring solution. Among the qualities that convinced us was the Proliner’s portability and quality.»

In the pictures above, Jordi demonstrated how quickly any project can now be measured, edited, and sent to production. In conclusion, he said: «By using the Proliner, we won’t need third parties to measure things for us. We can now measure everything ourselves, saving time and money, and we’ll be able to provide measurement services as well.»

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