PRODIM está presente en K&K - ProVitrum open door day

Proliner presentations at K&K ProVitrum open house day – Bad Vöslau, Austria

Prodim has been invited by K&K ProVitrum to demonstrate the Proliner digital measuring device and Prodim software solutions at the K&K ProVitrum open house day.

Prodim presents

Proliner technology offers many possibilities for measuring, reverse engineering and quality control. You can measure almost any shape and digitize stone, glass, wood, metal and canvas constructions with ease. In the building industry Proliners are used to create digital templates for the production of countertops, door and window frames, stairs, walls, interiors, backsplashes, balustrades, tubes, glass and many other constructions.

To get the most out of the Proliner measurements, Prodim developed application based software for the construction industry like: Proliner CT, Proliner Stairs, Proliner Door and Window, Proliner Survey, Proliner TubeCheck, Prodim Bent Glass and Prodim Factory.

We welcome you to come by to experience yourself what the Proliner is capable of and discuss the solutions we can offer you to improve your digital templating process.

Prodim Construction Industry folder

Download the Prodim Construction Industry solutions folder


K&K ProVitrum
Färberstraße 8
A-2540 Bad Vöslau

Date and time


9th June

More information and show registration

K&K ProVitrum website 


See you at K&K