Proliner del usuario PRODIM Art Granite

The Proliner fits best in the technology upgrade plan of Art Granit

Art Granit is a stone company from the Republic of Moldova. After their recent investment in new CNC machinery, they wanted to start with digital templating and concluded that the Proliner is the best tool for the job. Marcel Vutcariov of Art Granit:

«After testing both Proliner and laser technology we came to the conclusion that the laser is not as accurate as the Proliner. The software that comes with the Proliner is also easier to understand and the fact that Prodim develops the Proliner software themselves gives us more confidence in case we need support looking towards the future. All in all the Proliner fits best within our technology upgrade plan.»

Marcel continues: «We are going to use the Proliner to create digital templates of countertops and backsplashes for most of the time, but also plan to measure reception desks, window sills, stairs and the like with the Proliner as well.»


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