OSS-Kant: “In the last 10 years the Proliner has become a real magic stick for our company!”

OSS-Kant, from Russia, is a manufacturer of tempered car glass. Most often they make a batch production for car factories that have their own design bureaus and OSS-Kant provides a complete set of drawings for their glasses. They went for the Proliner Bent Glass package and Yuri shares his experience:

“Sometimes we get requests to make glass for a car based on a template, which can be glass removed from the body of the car, a paper, cardboard, or plastic sample of glass or a car body that needs to be glazed. In these cases, the construction of the geometry of the glass is difficult, since the glasses have a complex contour and, moreover, may not be flat, but bent in one or two planes. In such cases, to build a mathematical model and sweep the glass, we use the Proliner and Prodim Bent glass software to process the obtained measurements.

Recently we had a situation where the customer requested glass for a special equipment. So we made the drawings in order to launch a series in our production. The objective was to prepare a set of design documentation for the production and manufacture of tooling (silk-screen printing screen). In just half an hour, with the Proliner, we received a scan and all the necessary information for the mass production of glass.

Without the Proliner, a large number of prototypes would have to be made and adjusted in accordance with the reference glass, which would be very time- and resource-consuming. There are glasses with more complex geometry and for them, this task would be simply impossible. Just like the task of glazing a car body, when there are no ready-made templates and samples, there is only a cutout in the metal or a frame.

We have been friends with the Proliner for over 10 years and he has become a real magic stick for our company, which always comes to rescue us in difficult and seemingly impossible tasks!”