The Proliner is Boosting MC Natuursteen’s Precision & Efficiency

MC Natuursteen, formerly Tile & Tech, was founded 20 years ago by Maes Chris. Initially, it supported a flooring company, but later expanded into producing customized products for kitchens and bathrooms. The company specializes in granite, ceramics, composites, Dekton, and limestone, ensuring timely delivery and installation through their modern machinery and skilled staff.

The need for accuracy and efficiency led them to search for a digital templating solution. They went for the Proliner Stone Package without much hesitation, thanks to great reviews and word-of-mouth in the Stone Market in Belgium.

Lucas Buelens elaborated on the significance of the Proliner in their operations: «Prodim is top of the market. It is the only digital templating device we all know and talk about in Belgium. Working with the Proliner feels right; it is always correct and, of course, more accurate than doing measurements by hand. With the Proliner, you will get a 100% score in accuracy.»

Lucas emphasized that the Proliner has no limits, stating, «It is so accurate; we can measure just about anything and everything!»

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