EST Hungary: “We can blindly rely on the Proliner!’’

EST is a company from Hungary specialized in products made from natural and engineered stone. They import stones from all over the world and shape them into a wide range of products such as wall cladding, flooring, pool edges, fountains and sculptures. They also realize personalized kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces.

They recently invested in a Proliner Stone package and Carlo from the company explains:

“Before having the Proliner, we were using laser technology to do our measurements. But it was so unstable that we decided to drop it. The mistakes we used to make were not only real measurements faults but were also confusion and typing errors such as writing the wrong number on the paper or inverting the digits. With the Proliner, these kind of inaccuracies are impossible to happen. We can blindly rely on it!’’

He went on: “We mostly employ the Proliner to create digital templates for countertops and fireplaces but expect to be able to measure every kind of work. We are sure we can achieve that with the Proliner!’’

EST Hungary website